How do the smaller rabbits and bunnies compare in size to the Maileg mice?

Maileg brother and sister mice are similar in size to the smaller My and Micro bunnies and rabbits.

Maileg baby mice are similar in size to the My Rabbits.

In fact, Maileg mice and bunnies make great playmates for each other.

Here is a pictorial guide to the different sizes of Maileg mice alongside the My rabbits and Micro rabbits and bunnies.

Maileg mice and rabbits size guide

Ikea Maileg doll’s house hack – Part 3 – the wallpaper

In my previous post in our Ikea Maileg doll’s house hack series we painted the Ikea doll’s house using eggshell paint. So now it’s time to move on to the wallpaper. 

For my house I used gift wrapping paper by Maileg  in theirMerle‘ design. The ‘Mouse Party‘ design would look equally good with its illustrations of little mice, toadstools and cheese! You can buy a selection of beautiful Maileg gift wrap on our website. 

Merle gift wrap as wallpaper for Ikea house

You could attach the paper directly to the walls using glue or you may want to glue the paper to a piece of stiff card first. Then you can attach the card to the walls of the house using Tacky Wax or blue tack so that it can be easily removed and you can change the look whenever you want. Tacky Wax is a sticky wax used in miniatures and model making that allows you to stick things together temporarily. 

Ikea Maileg doll’s house hack – Part 2 – The paintwork

In my second post in our Maileg Ikea doll’s house hack series we are moving on to the paintwork.

I painted the exterior walls with eggshell paint. I used Farrow and Ball eggshell estate in the colour Blue Gray no. 91 on the roof and on the outside walls. I like to use eggshell paint because it gives a nice soft sheen finish. 

For the interior walls I used a lovely shade of eggshell paint by Farrow and Ball called  Nancy’s Blushes.

Alternatively, instead of eggshell you could use artist’s acrylic paint. I like Liquitex heavy body paint but you can buy cheaper acrylic paints such as Hobbycraft’s own brand.   

And of course, that green chimney had to go! For this I used Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint in the colour Neutral Grey.

Ikea Maileg doll’s house hack – Part 1 – Putting the house together

The Ikea Flisat doll’s house/wall shelf makes a fantastic and affordable home for your Maileg mice. Its simplicity makes it ripe for renovation so you can customise your doll’s house  to your own design. 

Here is the house as per Ikea’s website.  As you can see, it has four simple rooms and a green chimney. 

Dimensions of the house are:

Width: 58 cm

Depth: 22 cm

Height: 59 cm

At the time of writing it costs £25. It comes flat packed and is really easy to put together. Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can! You just need a screwdriver. Everything else is provided. 

In my Ikea house I chose to leave out the dividing wall on the ground floor as it creates more space for the Maileg furniture and I wanted to create an open plan kitchen area for my house.

So now the house has been put together and ready for renovation!

Which Maileg furniture fits the Ikea Flisat Doll House?

The Ikea Flisat doll house is very popular as a Maileg doll house, so here’s a guide to which Maileg furniture is the right size for your Ikea doll house.

You’ll find lots of Maileg doll house inpsiration over on our Instagram. There’s a complete guide to our Ikea mouse hack on our Instagram stories.

So let’s start with the kitchen. You definitely need a cooking set, cooler, tea table and chairs. All of these are the perfect size for your Ikea mouse house.

Maileg cooking set

Maileg vintage tea table

Maileg set of two gold chairs

Maileg cooler for mice

If you would like to add some food items to the kitchen these are both good options:

Maileg miniature fruit and veg crate

Maileg miniature grocery box

Other bits you could add to the kitchen:

Maileg miniature broom set

Maileg toaster in mint (also available in silver and white)

For the living room, there is currently one sofa available and some different options for chairs:

Maileg miniature sofa – check pattern

Maileg miniature armchair – check pattern

Maileg set of two miniature armchairs, blue

Maileg miniature armchair – red

You could also add a rug and a basket to the living area:

Maileg miniature patterned rug

Maileg miniature storage basket

For the upstairs, there are various bed options depending on how you would like to configure your Maileg mouse house.

One option would be to have the left hand room upstairs as a double bedroom for the parents, and create a nursery in the right hand bedroom.

For the double bedroom:

Maileg miniature double bed

Other possible accessories for the bedroom:

Maileg miniature mirror

Maileg miniature shelf

For the nursery:

Maileg cradle – rose

Maileg cradle – blue
You could also add one of the baby bouncers:

Maileg baby bouncer – spot

Maileg baby bouncer – floral

And a carrycot, both of which fit the baby mice

Maileg carrycot for baby mice – mint green

Maileg carrycot for baby mice – rose

Here are some pictures of our Yoyo & Flo Ikea mouse house to show you how the various Maileg furniture pieces fit in the Ikea Flisat house.

In the picture below you can see the double bed in the left hand bedroom and the cooking set, table and chairs, sofa and armchairs in the downstairs area:

Maileg Ikea Doll house Continue reading “Which Maileg furniture fits the Ikea Flisat Doll House?”

What does My and Micro mean?

Maileg categorise their mice and smaller rabbits into two sizes: My and Micro.

‘My’ is the size of My rabbits and the different kinds of baby mice, such as Sleepy/Wakey mice, twins and triplets.

‘Micro’ is the name given to the size of brother and sister mice and the Micro rabbits and bunnies.

Furniture and accessories are also categorised into My and Micro sizes. (However there is also a larger size of furniture that is suitable for Size 1 bunnies/rabbits and the Teddy family.)

Some pieces of furniture come in both My and Micro sizes. This includes prams, high chairs and baby bouncers. For example, there is a My sized pram (suitable for baby mice and My rabbits) and a Micro sized pram (suitable for brother and sister mice and Micro rabbits). 

What are the different sizes of Maileg mice?

Maileg mice come in various sizes, each as cute as the other. There are mums and dads, big brothers and sisters, little brothers and sisters and baby mice. Maileg also make ‘maxi’ and ‘medium’ sized mice, but for this blog post we are going to focus on mums and dads, brothers and sisters and babies.

Here they are side by side with measurements.

Mum and Dad mice are 15cm tall. As well as the mum and dad in day clothes, there is also a King and Queen mouse who are mum and dad sized. Grandma and Grandpa mouse are also mum and dad size, ie. 15cm tall.

The Mum and Dad size mice have a wide variety of outfits to choose from including nightwear.  Maileg launch new clothing for the mums and dads every year.

Here are some of the mum and dad mice available to purchase on our website.

Big brothers and sister mice are 12cm tall and include:

Little brothers and sisters are 10cm tall and  include:

Baby mice are the smallest Maileg mice at 8cm tall and include:

Mums, Dads, Big Brothers/Sisters and Little Brothers/Sisters are classed as ‘Micro’ size, whereas the baby mice are called ‘My’ size. Maileg furniture and accessories also come in My and Micro sizes.

‘My’ size items are suitable for baby mice whereas ‘Micro’ size items are generally suitable for Big and Little brothers and sisters, as well as Mums and Dads.

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What’s the difference between a Maileg rabbit and a Maileg bunny?

The difference between Maileg bunnies and rabbits can be a little confusing.

In Maileg terms, a bunny is a girl and a rabbit is a boy. Maileg bunnies have long, floppy ears and Maileg rabbits have upright ears. This is the case for Maileg bunnies and rabbits from the micro size up to size 5.

Difference between Maileg bunny and rabbit

However, this is not the case for the smallest size, called ‘My’ Rabbits. In this case, there is a My rabbit boy and a My rabbit girl and no such thing as a My bunny. (We did say it was confusing!)

Maileg my rabbit girl and boy difference