We know that shopping for Maileg toys can sometimes be a little confusing. With that in mind, we have put together this handy guide to the relative sizes of Maileg mice, rabbits and bunnies.

Maileg mice come in four different sizes:  Mums and Dads; big brothers and sisters; little brothers and sisters and baby mice. 

Mum and Dad sized mice

Big brothers and sister mice include: Little brothers and sisters include: Baby mice include:

To help make your mouse shopping easier, we give measurements in each product description, and in the case of furniture and clothes, we state which size of mouse it is suitable for.

You can use the filter on the Maileg furniture & accessories  page to select the appropriate size of furniture or accessory for a particular mouse or bunny.

Sometimes you may see that an item of furniture, pram or stroller is suitable for 'My' or 'Micro'. My size items are suitable for baby mice and My Rabbits. Micro size items are suitable for Big brothers and sisters and Micro Rabbits and Bunnies.

Maileg bunnies and rabbits also come in different sizes. In Maileg terms, a bunny is a girl and a rabbit is a boy, except in the case of My Rabbits: there is a My rabbit boy and a My rabbit girl and no such thing as a My bunny (we did say it was confusing!)

Here is a guide to the relative sizes of Maileg rabbits and bunnies.

And here are the Maileg mice and small bunnies and rabbits together. 

Guide to Maileg beds

Maileg make many lovely beds, cots and cradles for the various size of mice and bunnies. Again, it can be quite difficult for customers to choose the correct size. We put dimensions in all of the product descriptions but to help you further, here is a pictorial guide to the various Maileg beds, along with the sizes of the Maileg mice, bunnies and rabbits. 

If you would like any more information or advice about Maileg products, please drop us an email on hello@yoyoandflo.com and we will be more than happy to help! You can also follow us on Instagram for lots of fun Maileg mouse pictures and inspiration!