Princess and the pea mouse

Princess and the pea mouse

Princess and the pea mouse by Danish toy brand, Maileg.

Maileg have refreshed their iconic Princess on the Pea mouse with a new, pale pink design for Winter 2019.

This play set is simply gorgeous, with so many special details. The mouse comes in a keepsake castle gift box that slides open and closed. The top of the box is shaped like a castle, and it is decorated with a door and flowers. It also has window-shaped hole so you can peep inside and see the Princess asleep!

The inside of the box is designed to look like the inside of a bedroom, with a chair, wallpaper, tiled flooring and a portrait of a mouse. 

The mouse is wearing a sparkly dress and sleeps on six mattresses, each one made from a different patterned Maileg fabric, designed to co-ordinate with other Maileg items. She has a pillow and padded blue blanket. And of course, there is also a cotton pea! 

Our Maileg mouse sleeps on no less than six mattresses, yet she still feels that pesky pea every night! 


  • Box: 17cm x 14 cm 
  • Mouse: 12cm 
  • Age: from 3 years 
  • Fabric: Cotton, linen, cardboard 
  • Set includes: mouse, box, 6 mattresses, pea, pillow, blanket 
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Brand information: Maileg (pronounced My’lye) is a brand of charming Danish-designed toys created to inspire our children’s favourite playtime stories.
Age: 3 years +
Size: Mouse 12cm, Box 17cm
Material: Cotton, linen, cardboard
Brand: Maileg